Gary Hattendorf

Regional Director of Operations

Gary Hattendorf plays a key role as a Regional Director of Operations at FHG, managing a range of major branded hotels in Southern California. With an expansive career spanning over 25 years in hotel management, Gary has accumulated a wealth of experience. He has proficiently managed an assortment of hotels, including full-service, limited, and focused service establishments. Throughout his career, Gary has held various significant positions such as Director of Operations, Assistant General Manager, General Manager, Regional Director of Operations, and Vice President of Sales & Revenue.

Gary's expertise isn't limited to a single location; he has a broad geographic management experience, overseeing hotel operations across California, Texas, North Carolina, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Arizona, New Mexico, Kentucky, and the greater Chicago area. In his current role at FHG, Gary is dedicated to leading multiple hotels with a keen focus on enhancing guest, associate, and owner satisfaction. He supports General Managers directly, offering both in-person and remote assistance, while reporting to the Vice President of Operations.