• Location: Visalia, CA
  • Status: Completed, 2019
  • Size: 34,000 Sq Ft
  • Scope of Work: Full Facelift Lobby, Public Areas, Guest Rooms, Bathrooms
  • Hotel Link: La Quinta Inn & Suites
  • Budget: $950,000

La Quinta Inn & Suites

Results as Big as the Sequoias

Fine Hospitality sets the standard for the La Quinta Brand at our La Quinta Visalia property located in San Joaquin Valley, California.


When Fine Hospitality Group renovated La Quinta Inn Hotel in Visalia, CA, our exceptional work took notice, and under our guidance, this property’s new design was tested and became the image for other branded La Quinta locations to follow. Prior to acquiring this 2008 prototype La Quinta Inn, this property was performing at below average expectations. Once FHG took over management in January 2018, we began the process of turning around poor performance and revamping its appearance. ​

Phase I of this project was completed $10,000 under budget and fulfilled before its anticipated 6-month time frame. The upgrade was scheduled in phases with Phase 1 consisting of renovations of the rooms, bathrooms, and hallways as well as the architectural details of the hotel. Using modern La Quinta brand standards all the renovations went through a thorough analysis with La Quinta as well as the investors of the property before implementation.

Phase 2 finished in March 2019. Phase 2 consisted of a full facelift of the lobby and breakfast area. Approaching the PIP process with creating a functional timeline supported Fine Hospitality Group’s objective to make sure no guests were disturbed as well as ensuring the revenue loss was minimal due to construction. Taking on a property with poor performance was a task in itself, but with the various in-house teams and external relations with construction companies and vendors, the on-going project has already proved to show revenue success and guest satisfaction.

FHG’s talented team consists of talented and experienced Project Manager, General Manager, Revenue Manager & Contractor to minimize revenue losses.

  • During construction, we were able to maintain a 77.3% Occupancy.
  • Challenges: Before peak summer season; rooms out of use; working with the architect and the city to perform with these trials unnoticed.
  • Budgeted $800,000 renovation.
  • Medallia Scores from the beginning of renovation to current:
    • LTR (Likelihood to Recommend): over a 15% increase
    • Product Quality: over 35%
    • Service Quality: over 14%
    • After the renovation, this property is outperforming its competitors FFI, Best Western, etc.