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see beyond the numbers.


Fine Hospitality firmly believes the success of hotel management is incumbent upon a strong Accounting Department. Principle to our accounting philosophy is transparency and engagement for our hotel owners and operators. 

Our proprietary chart of accounts gives a new meaning to detail by enabling our hotel operators to take control and drive gross operating profits. Use of the latest cloud-based accounting system to deliver Real-Time information and financial reporting. Our Accounting Department leverages over 200 years of cumulative experience to secure and manage your hotel's financials in an accurate and timely manner. 

The following highlights our critical accounting functions:

Tax Planning –Timely and accurate tax filings at all levels of local, state and federal.

accounting web chart.png

Internal Audit –Multi-level

control and scrutiny of

transactions and processes.

Centralized Accounting - Standardized system to track revenues and expenses with oversight and control.

Financial Reporting –Scheduled distribution of comprehensive

financial package.

Accounting Transaction-01.png


Average yearly transactions 


Turnaround time to Investors for financial requests (out-of-sequence from regular monthly reporting)

24 Hrs

Reports turnaround-01.png
Vendor Icon-01.png

Monthly payables to Vendors (portfolio-wide)



Our Accounting Team operates through the latest cloud-based accounting

technology. Rated #1 in hospitality finance software, we offer the M3 Hotel

Accounting System. M3 empowers our investors to retrieve their hotel

accounting analytics and access their hotel's financials in Real-Time. This

program increases efficiency, reduces overhead, and standardizes hotel

operations. M3 focuses on increasing hotel management performance and

designed to provide technological support every step of the way.

“M3 Software has been user-friendly and convenient, in particular, the Intelligent Image OCR is fairly easy to use, all invoices are stored away in the system making it easily accessible in the future. PMS Mapping allows us to see real-time data and produce reports that can be tailored to our needs. We also like that M3 has a partnership with Yardi Voyager generating seamless integration.” - Sundeep G. Vaghashia, Owner, VBanks Inc

“M3 is quite comprehensive in terms of Accounting and Analyzation, it provides a systematic

approach for recording and compiling data which can be converted to a detailed and

productive information source for operational functions.” – Vidit Shah, Analyst


At Fine Hospitality, our Accounting Department is driven to secure and manage your

hotel’s financials in an accurate and timely manner.


• Credit Card Processing

• Payroll Processing

• Accounting Payables/Receivables

• Cash Deposits

• Cash Management

• Invoice Review/Coding

• Bank Reconciliation

• Charge-back Management


• Financial Review/ Statements

• Investor Reporting

• Room Revenue Reporting

• Audits

• Tax Filing

• Informative Reports/Schedules


• Annual Budgeting

• Year-end Financials

• Year-end Audits

• Year-end Tax Preparation

• Personal Property/Real Estate    Tax Statements

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